Question of the Week

Week of February 26th

What is your favorite subject in school and why? (modified for Pre-K  to “What is your favorite part of school?” )*


Jorda Peterson: I like drawing and I like to go where my friends go. I like to play monsters and things like that. You can draw beautiful pictures that come out of your mind and you don’t even know where they come from. They just keep coming out of your mind. Like I have a spiral and stars and suns and all different kinds of things.





Anye Nicolow: Playing everything.




Devyn Winkler: I like when we do acrobatics. I’m not that flexible, but when she teaches us new things that I’ve never done before and you do it successfully, it makes you feel really good.





Nathan Burke:  Drawing and free play and patterned blocks. They’re all very fun. And I like soccer the best because it’s awesome.




Chambolion Fairley:  I love the workshops that we are doing art in, and the play with dancing and singing and acting.The dancing and acting are really fun. It’s like being in your own world. It’s just something that is a hobby. I like to write my own stories – free writing. I really like to make stuff up, and I can do anything.


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Daniela Julio-Cano: I would probably say math and P.E. Math because we do multiplication and P.E. because you get to do exercise. I’m good at multiplication.

Kaylyn Winkler: My favorite subject is math, because I like doing algebra and it’s really fun. She gave us a little test this morning and it wasn’t that hard, but it wasn’t that easy, either. If it’s too hard, I feel pressured, but if it’s too easy, I get bored.

Natasha Lukosh: Science, because I like doing science experiments. It’s fun and since we don’t get to do it very much, it’s exciting.

Naimah Chapman:  I like dance because I get to work out and have fun at the same time. And Jeevan’s science.

William Rae: Jeevan’s science. It’s fun and you get to learn about the beginning of the universe and the earth.

Astroleah Kadow: I like when we do the play – theater and dancing. I like that we get to have parts and act, get scripts and get lines.

Noah Hunkin : Writing because I do it all the time and I do it at home.

Shaynan Montenegro: Computers, because it’s fun. I like reading a book.

Wisdom Taylor: My favorite everything is reading pokemon books or writing or computers. I like the whole entire thing. They’re all fun.

Sydney Jorgenson: I like that every time at recess everyone is so happy and then they come in and they’re so focused. The next recess, sometimes they think they’re still working and they don’t know what to do, so we come back inside and start coloring. My favorite thing about being in school is being with all my friends.

Selena Niemi: My favorite thing is learning. I like learning new things. I just learned doubles and tens and nines.

Villeroy Martella: I like computers and reading books online.

Avignon Capezio:  My favorite subject is soccer. I like that it’s fun.

Allie Jones: I like math with Jonathan because sometimes when I need help, he helps me and it’s sorta fun. We do times, division, and I enjoy it.

Azura Losa: I like acrogym because she was in the circus and I was in gymnastics for three years and I still am. It’s just fun, because you learn new stuff that you’re scared to do and we try new things.

Vincent Criscitello: I probably like math because that’s what I’m good at.

Tahsis Fairley: I like art and reading and writing, because I’m good at those things. With Eve we get to do all these things, like one time we were closing our eyes and listening to music and then painting, and it was really fun. With reading and writing, there’s these reading things that you have to read really fast, and  I’m good at those and they’re fun.

Chatalain Olson: Art because sometimes you get to draw whatever you want, and you also get to paint and draw really cool stuff. You can paint and then take a marker and outline it and it comes out really well.

Nicole Amengual: I like art because it’s really where you can express your creativeness and draw.

Alexa Chiechi: I like drawing when we make a book and I like the computers, because we get to play Clifford and it’s really fun.

Jacob Bertelsen: I like free play because there’s so fun toys in free play.

Bellaluna Dealan-de: My favorite subject is art because it’s fun.

Taylee Clare: I like playing puppies.

Radcliffe Vasquez: I like playing trains.

Bella Capezio: I like playing puppies.

Hazel Abbott: I like playing puppies.

Brooklyn Allen: I like playing with princess toys.

Talia Wood: Playing dogs.

*Note: Not every child chose to answer the question, and some students were otherwise occupied during the time the question was asked. The question of the week will be a weekly feature from now on, and we will actively work to make sure that all children are regularly represented.






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  1. Judi Flanders
    Posted 04/09/2012 at 5:22 pm | Permalink

    I think the school is wonderful. The students have so much life in them. They are of the future.

  2. Judi Flanders
    Posted 04/09/2012 at 5:23 pm | Permalink

    The children of PRS are wonderful, they are of the future.

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