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Phoenix Rising is about the future. Its about creating an environment that engages the explorer in our students and our team. Its about finding the joy in the unknown.

Exploration is a life long commitment. A child discovering herself through physical movement, a young mind adventuring on a quest and adults searching for new and innovative solutions to education.

These are all opportunities to experience something new, something unknown.

Our belief is that children come into this world hard wired to access knowledge. Its not so much about teaching facts and figures but creating and replicating the experience of exploration in everything.

The wisdom gained from experience and coupled with self confidence develops a mind that is boundless.

Phoenix Rising is about providing the environment for everyone to access the creative genius that flows within and through them. Its about finding the relationship with something larger than yourself.

Acquiring the tools necessary to construct and express complex thoughts are vital, but only the first step toward development of a mind that truly thinks freely.

Finding relevance to the whole in yourself and the expression of yourself through creation are intentional components of learning at Phoenix Rising.


Bridging the relationship between genius mind and a seemingly mindless task is woven into the fabric of who we are as an organization. Calling on the creativity that resides with each of us is the true learning we endeavor to provide and offer the opportunities for practical application every day.

What is the mind that dreams up a foreign space ship, interprets sounds of music into art, or constructs a building from blocks as real to it as any sky scraper?

A mind that is disciplined but unrestricted, focused yet flexible,

That is a mind that is poised to lead the future, now and tomorrow

What we look like today represents the beginning coagulation of a reality that is the change we want to see in the world. And it starts today, with each intentional step, thought, and act. The collective consciousness of the Phoenix Rising is moving into the future.

And its so bright, we gotta wear shades.